Hi there, I'm Fawaz!

Just as a brief introduction. I am currently doing my PhD in bioinformatics under Prof. Dr. Olga Kalinina and Prof. Dr. Tobias Marschall. I am mainly working on genome graphs and pangenomes, I have looked into these topics in both bacteria and human and mostly worked on developing tools that work with genomic graphs.

I worked at HIPS (Helmholtz Institute for Pharmaceutical Research) in Saarbr├╝cken, Germany for the first year of my PhD then moved to the university of D├╝sseldorf end of 2020 where I'm still working on my PhD there.

I am very interested in the use of graphs and graph algorithms in genetics, genomes, and pangenomes. I find algorithms and programming very fascinating in general, which was my motivation to go from Bioengineering to Bioinformatics in the first palce.

You can find a my CV here. Please feel free to browse the projects section for my latest projects I am working on.